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Chuck Warren’s Utah Experience is Impressive

August 23, 2018

Perhaps it was the ability of Chuck Warren, Utah businessman, to raise awareness that encouraged Utah Republican Congressional candidate Mia Love to hire him as her Finance Co-Chair. From the perspective of Chuck Warren, Utah is a natural place to focus his career, which is probably one reason his career is very strong. For one thing, he serves as managing director for Silver Bullet, LLC, an elite consultancy that deals with issues in areas like public affairs and crisis communication, although they also help to ensure that important initiatives make it onto the ballot.

For many years, Chuck Warren, Utah native, has built up an impressive reputation, primarily based on his eagerness to take on a lot of very difficult assignments, and to do so in a way that is very successful and gets the best results possible. Chuck is highly thought of for his ability to develop and implement strategies that raise awareness for difficult projects, as well as for his ability to bring them to a successful conclusion. One stellar example is the $1 billion commitment he received for his client IOSTOR from the Department of Defense and Congress for a project that included the production of reusable in-space transportation for the commercial markets.